Brendan Eder is a composer, producer, and drummer based in Los Angeles. As a film composer, he is best-known for collaborations with director Ari Aster (Midsommar). Credits as a producer include Paul Bergmann, Lellopepper, Haunted Summer, and Band Room. Brendan leads a crossover classical chamber group called Brendan Eder Ensemble described by Buzzbands LA as “…whimsical, jazzy explorations that make woodwinds sound like the sexiest things on the planet.” Brendan also releases as Popularity Contest.

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Brendan Eder on four short films, and I am immensely proud of the work he has done on each of them. He is extremely versatile, his taste is impeccable, and he is a remarkably quick study. He is also a joy to be around. He’s naturally collaborative, even as his work becomes increasingly idiosyncratic. His encyclopedic knowledge of music always proves daunting, and his seriousness and commitment has consistently served as an invigorating force during the scoring process. I am thrilled to be working with Brendan, and I count myself (and my films) lucky to have met him before he’s impossible to book.”

Ari Aster — Midsommar

“Brendan came onto our short film project after we had worked with two other composers who couldn’t get the vibe of the movie. He instantly understood what we were going for and delivered music that blew my mind. It seriously elevated the project and enhanced the story. We always get compliments on the music every time it screens! He did what two other highly regarded composers couldn’t! Plus, Brendan is such a joy! He hit deadlines, communicated effortlessly, and, most importantly, created music that was perfect for our film. If you don’t want cookie-cutter, sounds-like-everything-else-out-there music, I would recommend giving Brendan a call!”

Emily McGregor — Here, Hold Grandma

“Brendan is a musical chameleon. His previous scores were NOTHING like what I had in mind for my own film but I trusted that he was a good enough musician to give me what I wanted. My instincts were right. After explaining my vision and providing a few references, Brendan adeptly translated my mind’s eye into a thrilling, stylish, and sexy score. It truly brought my film to life.”

Sam Quinn — JOUST

“Brendan isn’t just a talented composer, he also happens to be a gifted storyteller. This was important to us when hiring a composer because we wanted the score to stand out almost as its own character. The intention was never to have it merely highlight certain feelings and emotions but also set the overall tone of the film by driving much of the action. Brendan’s ability to understand what I was going for and then deliver such stellar work is the exact reason I’d only want to work with him on future projects”

Will Prescott — Feeding Mr. Baldwin

“Brendan and I talk about story and emotions, and he comes back with just that—but always beyond my expectations. He produced an excellent 1960s-esque pop song for my film, which perfectly captured the mood for the most important scene in the movie. Brendan is a true collaborator”

Jeremy Lerman — Mazel Toes

“Brendan Eder is a genuinely fresh and original talent who is also refreshingly easy to work with. As the composer on my project, he proved he has a rich and fertile imagination that allows him to come up with a variety of creative solutions, even when working against a tight deadline. The network was as pleased with Brendan’s music as we were. I highly recommend Brendan to score any television or feature project.”

Paul Boorstin — Inside: America’s Secret Weapon

“Brendan Eder is an amazing composer. What he did for my film elevated it beyond my expectations. I genuinely enjoyed working with him and look forward to doing it again on my next project.

Nathaniel Atcheson — Dead Herring

“Brendan delivered creativity and playfulness to my professional commercial project for Alphyn Industries. From the music reference styles I gave him he crafted an original composition which fit the comedic style and tone of the piece perfectly. I highly recommend Brendan to other film and video producers in search of a talented and dynamic composer.

Rowan Brooks — Wonder Guy