LA Record Premieres: “The Spirit Of (feat. Colleen Green & Veronica Bianqui)”

LA RECORD premieres final single from the album To Mix With Time.

Iconoclastic L.A. composer Brendan Eder has a new album slated for the end of this month, including this particularly charismatic song first inspired by a drum hook on an Antonio Carlos Jobim album. With what became an agile Avalanches / DJ Shadow-style beat underneath, Eder’s “The Spirit Of” bloomed into a pocket symphony—all butterflies, spring flowers and pastoral sunrises as Eder leads his woodwinds through ecstatic aerial acrobatics. (Van Dyke Parks would definitely get it.)

And that’s all before vocalists Veronica Bianqui and L.A. RECORD cover alum Colleen Green arise for the finale, which slides that Jobim vibe sideways into something that sounds like the joyous climactic movement of Os Mutantes‘ “Panis et Circenses.” (They sung about the sun, you’ll remember.) Chamber pop is a concept a little swamped in its own ambiguous definition in 2020—especially now, when people would love to escape whatever chamber in which they’re confined—but if it’s out there still, this is it. Eder’s ensemble dissolves the walls to let in more light. Maybe that’s the spirit at work here? Says Eder:

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