Brendan Eder Ensemble

Echo Park’s punk king of chamber hop, Brenden Eder (EH-duhr) leaps gleefully from the jazz and classical aisle to declare crossover potential on his latest ensemble album, To Mix With Time. Crafting neo-romantic woodwind arrangements to play against his spunky breakbeats, the Valley-bred drummer captures the sunny spirit of Hollywood’s musical heritage while embracing contemporary pop devices. A surprising, yet relatable sound echoes influences like James Brown, Erik Satie, DJ Shadow, Fugazi, Les Baxter, and Jobim, playing equally well from rock clubs to concert halls. Live and in the studio, Eder features only LA’s finest jazz and classical musicians, while collaborators and friends include artists such as Louis Cole, Vinyl Williams, Colleen Green, Joel Jerome, and Harry Mack.

…these instrumentals could befit any Zappa record in their eccentricity. –LA Music Blog

…whimsical, jazzy explorations (that) make woodwinds sound like the sexiest things on the planet. – Buzzbands LA

It will broaden your horizons and feed your brain. –Radio Free Silverlake review